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Annual Report Design

Annual report design is a specialist area of graphics. We design and create beautiful, professional annual reports that ensure your words are heard.

Our annual report design and copywriting service offers professional, creative and effective design. We believe that an annual report should provide an effective platform for your company's message, allowing your words to speak loud and clear. For this reason, we work with bold, clear layouts, infographics and photos or illustrations.

Professional annual reports design for purpose

There are a wide range of benefits to using Burnthebook’s annual reports design service. Our careful design ensures that your report will:

  • persuade to your stakeholders – we understand that the aim of your report is to secure further investment. We won't crowd or overshadow your messages with fancy design. Instead, we'll strategically use design to highlight your key points.
  • give you the right words – we can take drafts from your contributors and professionally copywrite your report. From a chairperson’s personal letter to a breakdown of profits, we can ensure your messages are clear, positive and memorable.
  • ensure your report stays on brand – your annual report is a key channel of communication for your company, so it needs to look professional. We'll respect your branding guidelines to ensure the styling we use is 100% on-brand.
  • reflect your organisation – we take the time to understand your aims, objectives and values. This means we can create an authentic and on-target report that suits your organisation and strikes a chord with your investors.

Why use Burnthebook for annual reports?

Our streamlined working processes ensure we can deliver annual reports quickly and efficiently. We can work in partnership with all your contributors, ensuring your report is completed on time and on budget. We aim to create affordable and effective annual reports that prove to be a sound investment for your business. From charities to blue chip companies, we have the right skills to help your organisation.

To find out more about annual reports, or to request an estimate, please contact us.