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Email Campaigns

Burnthebook can help with your email campaign projects. We can create, test and send your email advertising.

Our email campaign projects cover design, testing and campaign management. We offer a range of different email advertising packages, including e newsletters, ezines, single promotions and multiple promotions – helping you get the best value for money. We can copywrite, design, test and build your emails. And we'll ensure every campaign effectively communicates your message to your audience.

Professional email design – the benefits

Professional email design by Burnthebook can help you achieve your marketing aims in a number of ways. Our expert designers, artworkers and developers will make sure your email campaign:

  • reaches more people – best practice techniques and thorough testing ensures your email will reach your intended audience with less 'bounces' or undelivered mailings.
  • clearly communicates your message – we will ensure your email clearly communicates your message or offer, maximising your chances of success.
  • engages your audience – we create emails that cut through the 'noise'. Sleek, stand-out designs and clear calls to action help improve levels of engagement and increase sales.
  • maximises your 'opens' rate – we research and test different send times to find the time when your specific audience is most receptive to opening promotional emails.
  • forms part of a multi-media campaign – our broad range of skills means we can build a multimedia campaign around your emails. Supporting material could include adverts in the press, website banner adverts and more.

Email advertising & campaign management – why choose Burnthebook?

By choosing Burnthebook for your email advertising, you can be sure that you'll get the best possible service. We have many years of experience in email design, so we can create effective, organised campaigns. Our campaign management ensures your emails are sent on time and can be tracked and analysed for performance statistics.

Whether you're looking for a one off email newsletter or a managed campaign, we can help. Please contact us to find out more or to request a quote.