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A copywriter will give you the right words to engage your audience and enhance your brand. From proof reading to full SEO copywriting projects, we can help.

A professional copywriter can help your business reach out and engage with your audience. Burnthebook's copywriters can help with all kinds of projects, ensuring your message comes across loud and clear. From SEO copywriting to printed annual reports and promotional literature, we can work with you to help you achieve your aims.

What value can copywriters bring to your business?

Copywriters can bring your business a range of benefits. As specialist communicators, they can add value to your communications by ensuring your audience perceives you as professional and trustworthy. Our copywriters can help you to:

  • engage with your audience – by speaking the language of your customers, copywriters can talk to your audience in an engaging voice that will get heard.
  • improve your image in the marketplace – a copywriter can help give you an edge over your competitors by choosing the right words and tone of voice.
  • increase trust in your company – engaging, accurate and brand-appropriate copy can help you appear professional and trustworthy. Boosting consumer confidence in your company can help drive sales.
  • help you communicate your messages – you may be too close to your products or services to be able to extract your key selling points. A copywriter will be able to define and organise your key messages, creating effective and compelling text.
  • drive sales with persuasion and clarity – a copywriter will help to drive sales with words that inform, persuade and instruct. From compelling headings to clear calls to action, they will work to capture interest and convert this to sales.
  • drive more traffic to your site – our copywriters are also SEO experts. This means they can create website copy that will boost your rankings in search engines, driving more traffic to your website.

Why choose Burnthebook's copywriters?

Burnthebook's copywriting services are tailored specifically to your business. Our copywriters will take the time to understand your needs and aims, the sector you work in, your competitors and your audience. They'll then create the perfect tone of voice to reflect your brand and engage your audience. We can create copy from your existing promotional materials, supplied notes or by gathering information in a meeting or over the telephone. We can write for:

  • brochures and promotional literature
  • packaging
  • advertising
  • annual reports
  • magazines (including editorial)
  • social media campaigns
  • websites
  • eCommerce websites (including product descriptions)

Because our copywriters work in house at our studio, they can liaise with our developers and designers to ensure that any copy will work in its context. And by choosing Burnthebook, the whole of your project - from first draft to layout and print - can be produced under one roof, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Specialist SEO copywriting

Not all copywriters understand SEO. Our specialist SEO copywriting service ensures that words written for the web will engage your audience whilst helping boost your rankings on search results pages. This effectively doubles the value you get from your online copy.

We work with clients all over the UK and all over the world. To find out more about our copywriting services, or to request a quote, please contact us.